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Thursday, June 1st

Today in class, we read Chapters 22-23 of The Giver and officially concluded the novel. We discussed ambiguous endings– when a book ends with what could be more than one interpretation. As a concluded assignment, you were asked to respond to the last discussion post (Giver Schoology Discussion #5: Ambiguous Endings). This needs to be finished by tomorrow morning). Be sure you provide evidence with what you are claiming to be true!

We then used the second part of our block to begin the movie, The Giver. You imported the similarities/differences comparison chart in order to keep track of any differences you noticed between the novel and the movie. The entire block tomorrow will be spent viewing the remainder of the movie and discussing your thoughts!


  • Submit your discussion post response
  • Submit your similarities/differences chart

Wednesday, May 31st

Today in class, we read Chapters 20-21 of The Giver. You were encouraged to continue to be active readers, building on your prior knowledge, asking questions, and comparing Jonas’s society to that of our own. You were then encouraged to respond to a discussion post that many of you quickly embraced– music! After finishing your discussion post, you were encouraged to review your recent grades/comments for the following two assignments:

  • Informational Writing Book Creator
  • Root Word Post-Test
  • Fishbowl Book Talk (if it was available)

Then, we spent the second half of the block beginning our Word Clouds for “A Year in 6th Grade ELA. Be sure you touch base with me if you weren’t in class to see the best way to utilize the site to make an eye-catching Word Cloud!


  • None… enjoy!

Tuesday, May 30th


Today in class, we dove deeper into The Giver as we Chapters 16-19 of The Giver. While Jonas encountered many more valuable memories in his training, he started to question a lot more about his “utopian” society. In order to check in for your understanding, you completed a comprehension check-in about the previous receiver-in-training, the effect of Rosemary’s release on the community, and the topic of release. We compared “release” with that of a rather serious topic in our society, the process of euthanasia.

You had a little time to start creating a list of words/phrases relating to “A Year in 6th Grade ELA.” We did some reflecting on what has happened within our block over the school year. Tomorrow, you’ll be using these words to start a mini-project to share with the incoming sixth graders.


  • None…enjoy!

Friday, May 26th

Due to our slightly unique schedule today, each block looked a little different. You all did complete your Root Word Post-Test. It was nice to see how many of you took me up on the opportunity to do some extra credit too. I think you will see that it was worthwhile next week.


  • Finish and submit Book Talk Fishbowl (Tuesday 8:00 am)
  • Be sure you bring back all library books to Mrs. Macfadden’s library and LMC

Thursday, May 25th

Today in class, we read Chapters 13-15 of The Giver. These chapters dove deeper into Jonas’s experience during his training and really showed the readers the meaning of a dystopian society. You then were encouraged to complete another discussion post called Transmit a Memory. It was very interesting to see what memory you found to be a valuable one to share with Jonas. With the remaining time, you participated in a 12-minute study for Root Word Post-Test. Some of you realized how confident you were in the root words, while others learned they have more studying to do!


  • Review Root Word study guide/Root Word Post-Test (Friday 5/26)
  • Fishbowl Book Talk (Due Tuesday by 8:00 am)

Tuesday, May 23rd

Today in class, we read Chapters 10-12 of The Giver. We then had a lengthy game of Kahoot! It tested what you remembered about the Level 6 Character Traits, Root Words, and some extra trivia about yours truly! Don’t forget to prepare for your upcoming post-test and publish book creator!


  • Book Creator (Due Thursday by 8:00 am)
  • Review for Root Word Post-Test (Friday)
  • Fishbowl Book Talk (Due Tuesday)

Monday, May 22nd

Today in class, you reminded of the important components required for your Informational Writing book in Book Creator. You had the remaining part of the block to finish this. Any unfinished work needed to be completed by Thursday morning!


  • Book Talk planning
  • Review Root Word study guide/Root Word Post-Test (Friday 5/26)

Friday, May 19th

Today in class, you participated in a mock Ceremony of Twelves. Each of you received an “assignment” and had the chance to hear why you were selected for this role. Then, you were asked to respond to the Schoology Discussion Post #2.

Afterwards, you had the opportunity to start your book creator for your informational writing. Please visit Ms. Sutton’s helpful site (in our informational writing folder) for great formatting suggestions.


  • Plan on your Fishbowl Book Talk script
  • Review your Root Word Post-Test