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Part of our goal in Social Studies is to encourage you to become frequent readers of newspapers, news magazines, and online news sources. In doing this, we hope you begin to better understand what is happening currently in the local community, in the greater Chicago metropolitan area, in the State of Illinois, in our country, and in the world around us. Think about how becoming aware of current events could make you a well-rounded citizen and even make a difference in the world.

To help promote this goal, you will select and read a current event of your choice and create a project that includes the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to explain your article to your peers.  You will share your project with our class during your assigned Friday.

  • Your article cannot be older than one month from the day it’s due. For example, if your project is due October 18th, your article cannot be older than September 18th.
  • Make sure your article has “meat” to it, so you can add enough detail to your project.

**Your Graphic Organizer is due the Wednesday BEFORE your Presentation.**


Your current event will be due on your assigned Fridays and will include the following:


Using an multimedia app of your choice, create a presentation that includes a creative representation of the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of your current event.

  • The Current Events Graphic Organizer is to be completed as you read your article. It is not due with your Current Event; however, it should mirror the information in your project!
  • The 5 W’s should summarize the article thoroughly and accurately from beginning to end!
  • Presentation must also include TWO meaningful photos and ONE map.


Respond with a thoughtful, personal reflection.

  • Share your opinion on the article’s topic.
  • Include an emotional reaction to the article.
  • Include ways in which the article affects you and your world.


  • Facilitate and lead a question/answer class discussion
  • Choose a quote from the article and ask your peers to react to the quote.
  • Ask your peers one or two meaningful question of YOUR creation. During your discussion, you may also ask your peers how this current event affects them on a more personal level.

Feel free to MAKE A COPY in Google Docs, so this can be saved inside your Google Drive folder and/or imported to Notability as a reference!

Use the CURRENT EVENTS link attached to find the perfect article for you!

When it is your turn to “present,” your summary of your article and “Part Three” quotes and questions will be added to your personal discussion post. You will be able to view your classmates posts below!


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