Tuesday, May 30th


Today in class, we dove deeper into The Giver as we Chapters 16-19 of The Giver. While Jonas encountered many more valuable memories in his training, he started to question a lot more about his “utopian” society. In order to check in for your understanding, you completed a comprehension check-in about the previous receiver-in-training, the effect of Rosemary’s release on the community, and the topic of release. We compared “release” with that of a rather serious topic in our society, the process of euthanasia.

You had a little time to start creating a list of words/phrases relating to “A Year in 6th Grade ELA.” We did some reflecting on what has happened within our block over the school year. Tomorrow, you’ll be using these words to start a mini-project to share with the incoming sixth graders.


  • None…enjoy!

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