Wednesday, May 17th

Today in class, you received a tutorial from Ms. Sutton about “upping your game” in the publishing portion of the informational writing. The tips she shared will be linked to our Schoology course on Friday when you will start the publishing process.

We continued with more revisions in class. Today’s goals included:

  • Finishing your introduction revisions (for all of your chapters)
  • Go back into your TEEN ACTIVISM chapter. Check your evidence for each body paragraph. Be sure the evidence ONLY supports your issue.
    (Ex: example of activism for denied education would be about Malala)
  • Read paragraph by paragraph. Does each direct quote or statistic have further explanation? You DO NOT want direct quote after quote after quote… Add explanation

You are expected to have completed the first two bulleted items by tomorrow. You will continue with the third bulleted item and have one more step for the revision process.

Coming up:

  • Finishing the revision/editing process
  • Finish the remaining Root Word Presentations and discussing what to expect for the post-test


  • Finish any of today’s revisions
  • Read! (May Fishbowl); start Book Talk planning

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