Thursday, May 18th

In the first half of our block, we did our last round of Root Word Presentations. Be sure you touch base with your peers if you missed this part of the block since we learned about two new root words, their meanings, and examples to add to our study guide. Your root word post-test will be next Friday!

We continued with more revisions in class.

Today’s Revision/Editing Goals

  • Read paragraph by paragraph. Does each direct quote or statistic have further explanation? You DO NOT want direct quote after quote after quote… Add explanation
  • Replace use of “I, My, You, We” with different pronouns or nouns and to maintain FORMAL/THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW
  • Proofread for run-on sentences and punctuation/catch typos


  • Finish any last revisions/editing
  • Read! (for Fishbowl); start Book Talk planning
  • Review Root Word study guide/Root Word Post-Test (Friday 5/26)

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