Tuesday, May 16th

Today in class, we spent about 20 minutes working on finishing the text feature requirements for our informational writing chapters. Be sure you review the feedback added into your Google Docs before you resolve them.


  • Table of Contents* (You already have this done once you add it back in)
  • Boxes filled with important facts, stats, or stories
  • Resource List: websites, blogs, videos, etc. to learn more about the the topics
  • Diagrams, illustrations, and/or photographs with caption or explanation
  • Charts or graphs
  • Glossary at the end of chapters if any vocabulary is defined
  • Timelines

Then, you had a mini-lesson on bringing your introductions to life. There were three strategies introduced: hooks, background information, and guides. Check out the Session 12 folder to see the details and an example of a student who combined a hook and guide into their writing.

Tips given:

Hooks (typically merged with an overview of the chapter)

  • Include a powerful question (not yes or no), direct quote, statistic
  • Used in introductory chapters to capture the audience’s attention


  • Occur in paragraphs about individuals and their experiences (activists, victims, etc.)
  • Paint a picture of a setting


  • Included along with a hook
  • Occurs in paragraphs about individuals and their experiences or informative (“About”) chapters

You were encouraged to use a combination of these strategies in the same introduction or at least change up the strategy you might use from one chapter to another. Your goal set for today was to do TWO introductions (not including the teen activist chapter) in purple.


  • Complete today’s goal for introductions (two intros, not including teen activism chapter)
  • Read! (for Fishbowl); start planning your book talk



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