Monday, May 15th

Today in class, we eased back into the groove of the week and read Chapter 8-9 of The Giver, especially considering we were left with such a cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 7 on Friday. It was really nice to hear all of the ideas many of you had as far as what Jonas would be best suited for (as far as careers go) in our society.

Then, we spent the other half of our block making the remaining “writing in detail” green revisions (including in-text citations– According to… ____ stated… and a variety of facts, statistics, or stories). You were then introduced to your Text Feature goals that needed to be accomplished. Please see below for specifics.


  • Table of Contents* (You already have this done once you add it back in)
  • Boxes filled with important facts, stats, or stories
  • Resource List: websites, blogs, videos, etc. to learn more about the the topics
  • Diagrams, illustrations, and/or photographs with caption or explanation
  • Charts or graphs
  • Glossary at the end of chapters if any vocabulary is defined
  • Timelines

Be sure you keep track of where you pulled these images from since credit needs to be given.

Lastly, an updated was posted with the May Fishbowl Book Talk Rubric. Check it out!


  • Finish “writing in detail” green revisions
  • Finish “text feature goals”
  • Read for Fishbowl

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