Thursday, May 11th

Today in class, we did a short mini-lesson on writing with detail. Elaborating with details bring your text to life and attract your audience to the information you are sharing (examples, statistics, stories, and facts.). Inside the Schoology Session 9 folder, there were mentor texts shared with you about those types of examples. Check those out for more ideas. You were encouraged to make these changes in green even if it just means you are adding in details that give credit to your sources (“According to….”).

BEFORE you started these green revisions, you were encouraged to CONTINUE making some additions and revisions to your flash drafts. Since many of you had “holes” and needed to fill them with evidence, you explored more of the sources in the texts sets and approved credible sources to help make those additions and revision in blue font.

In the second half of our block, we did our second to last round of Root Word Presentations. Be sure you touch base with your peers if you missed this part of the block since we learned about two new root words, their meanings, and examples to add to our study guide.


  • Finish any blue revisions
  • Read! (for Fishbowl)
  • Root Word Presentation Prep (if needed)

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