Monday, May 8th (ELA 3/4) or Tuesday, May 9th (ELA 6/7)

Today in class, we split our time between reading and writing. Class began with Session 7’s mini-lesson: Constructing Texts with Solid Bricks of Information. You were introduced to this lesson because many of you might be ready to complete some additional research to help fill in the holes of your flash drafts. The Session 7 folder inside Schoology has a great example of someone’s notes on their flash draft. You were encouraged to add this chart to a fresh page after your Power Learning and Note-Taking Chart

Information Writers Combine a Variety of Information:

  • Stories
  • Explanations
  • Descriptions
  • Quotations
  • Vocabulary Words in Bold
  • Definitions
  • Maps
  • Photographs
  • Statistics
  • Lists
  • Diagrams with Labels

If you weren’t quite ready for this step and still need to complete the flash drafting process, you still were encouraged to keep this as a resource for Wednesday. Please remember your flash drafts should be finished by Wednesday morning because you will be using time on Wednesday to add some depth to your evidence!

You had the opportunity to read Chapter 5 of The Giver on your own. You made a copy of the comprehension questions and put it in Google Docs. (This is attached to the assignment itself inside The Giver Schoology folder). After responding thoughtfully, you submitted your answers to The Giver Chapter 5 Comprehension questions.


  • Submit any incomplete Chapter 5 comprehension questions
  • Finish flash drafting (by Wednesday morning)
  • Organize Google Drive and Writer’s notebook for check-in (Wednesday)
  • Read! (Determine your May Fishbowl book)

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