Thursday, May 4th

Today in class, you spent a good deal of time working on flash drafting for your informational chapter book. We started off by making a new Google Doc INSIDE your informational writing folder in Google Drive called Informational Writing (your issue here). An example might look like Information Writing (Bullying). Your goal by tomorrow was to AT LEAST have flash drafted for one chapter.

Reminder: Right now, your flash draft would represent a piece of Swiss cheese. You likely have many “holes” where evidence will need to be researched and filled, but you were encouraged to write what you did know using:

  • third person only
  • in multiple paragraphs
  • including main ideas, explanations, and reflection.

We then used the remaining 20 minutes of class to do our Root Word Presentations. Each block may have had different root words being shared, so be sure you touch base with your peers (if you were absent) to record the root word’s meaning and examples.


  • At least one completed flash-drafted chapter
  • Root Word Presentation Prep
  • Read! (for May Fishbowl)

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