Friday, May 5th

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Friday!

Today in class, you continued to work on flash drafting for your informational writing chapter book. Next week, ELA 3/4 will be meeting on Monday, and ELA 6/7 will be meeting on Tuesday. With that said, you will be responsible for finishing your flash drafts by Wednesday, May 10th. I will be logging into your Google Docs to check your progress that morning. Remember: you are writing what you do know. Adding evidence and revisions will happen in the upcoming weeks, so stick to using what you do know or have recorded in your writer’s notebooks to get those original ideas down.

Ms. Welch popped in to do a book talk with you using Love That Dog. We discussed what made her book talk so appealing because YOU will be doing a recorded book talk for your May Fishbowl. All May Fishbowl due dates will be added in Schoology.

Lastly, you will have a writer’s notebook and Google Drive Check-In on Wednesday, May 10th. Be sure you have the following items organized:

  • Writer’s Notebook
    • Power-Learning and Note-Taking chart
    • Informational Writers Combine a Variety Information chart (COMING TO YOU ON MONDAY or TUESDAY)
    • Initial Power Note-Taking for Six Issues
    • Trail of Research
    • Table of Contents
  • Google Drive (Informational Writing folder)
    • Copy of Session 1 Power Note-Taking Mini-Lesson Doc
    • Copy of Teen Activism Reflection
    • Teen Activism Essay
    • Informational Writing Draft


  • Pace yourself of flash draft chapter writing (checked Wednesday morning)
  • Organize for Check-In (on Wednesday)
  • Read for May Fishbowl!

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