Tuesday, May 2nd

We continued Session 5 of a two-day research overview process. You were encouraged to refer back to the question, “What about this topic is important?” considering it often leads you to focus on a part of your original topic and lead you along a trail of research. You were encouraged to use the Session 5 folder in Schoology to check out some great text set resources to help determine which route you planned to take for your upcoming information writing assignment.

As promised, we also read Chapter 3 of The Giver together (…expect to do this for the first four chapter since the exposition is very important). We started to fill out the Stages of Life PDF that we imported into Notability as the stages of life in this community play important roles in these characters’ lives.


  • Root Word Presentation Prep!
  • Determine your final May Fishbowl book and read (information will be given out soon)

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