Thursday, April 27th

Today in class, we focused on the individual revisions to our teen activist prompt. You were encouraged to focus on the highlighted portions of the Informational Writing Checklist. Some of the revisions include:

  • Addition of transition words and transitional phrases at the beginning and within your paragraphs
  • Using direct quotes in your evidence to support your claims
  • Remaining in third person throughout (to make it more formal and confident)
  • Checking for spelling and punctuation errors

Afterwards, we had another round of Root Word Presentations. Be sure you get the root word, English meaning, and examples from a friend if you were not in attendance today. We did start Chapter 1 of The Giver. I can sense a lot of excitement for this whole-class novel!


  • Fishbowl Group #3 and #4 (submit written explanation, character chart, and wiki review)
  • Root Word Presentation Prep




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