Wednesday, April 26th

Today in class, we really balanced out our time between reading and writing. We began with working on the next step of revisions for our teen activist reflections. You already wrote the four body paragraphs and edited for a solid claim (response to the question) and evidence. Today, we imported the helpful checklist from Session 4 into Notability. we focused on the checklist descriptions for leads, endings, and transitions as a guide. You were given time to write our own lead/introduction and ending/conclusions.

  • Your lead should include: a way to catch the interests of readers (powerful quote, definition or significant fact), a statement about teen activists and their role, and identify the subtopics (body paragraph focuses)
  • Your conclusion should include: restated important statement about teen activists and a thoughtful piece of insight to leave your readers thinking.

The second portion of our class was spent preparing for the valuable vocabulary we will be exposed to in The Giver. A Google Spreadsheet was shared with each of you, and you were assigned a vocabulary term to find in the text first and then determine the appropriate meaning of the word using your Merriam Webster app.

Get ready… we will be starting The Giver tomorrow!


  • Finish introduction and conclusion for Teen Activist
  • Fishbowl Group #3 and #4 (written explanation, character traits, wiki review)
  • Root Word Presentation Prep

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