Tuesday, April 25th

Today in class, we did a combination of reading and writing activities. We began with reviewing our Teen Activist Free Write for a couple of important components:

  • Is your claim for each paragraph consisting of general statements about activists in general?
  • Does your evidence then support the common claims you are making about the activist?
  • Do you have two pieces of specific evidence per claim?
  • Did you write in third person to make it sound formal? Switch from first person (I think…)

You were exposed to two great mentor text samples (in the Session 4) Schoology folder. Tomorrow, you will receive a helpful checklist to help make valuable revisions!

Then, you were encouraged to complete The Giver Anticipation Guide (in Giver Schoology folder) consisting of true or false statements. While it may have been difficult to select true or false for some, you were encouraged to go with your gut and have some reasoning for your selection. It was nice to get you all up and moving from one side of the room to the other and hearing your thoughts on some of these common issues that you will read about in The Giver.


  • Fishbowl Group #3 and #4 (written explanation, character chart, and wiki review)
  • Root Word Presentation Prep

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