Monday, April 24th

Today in class, we did a mixture of reading and writing activities. We started off with a quick mini-lesson that encouraged us to think about what makes teen activist successful. After brainstorming, you were encouraged to add the following bolded items to your chart in your writer’s notebook.

Power-Learning and Note-Taking

  • Write fast
  • Record information facts (exact names, places, and numbers)
  • Capture notes and, if possible, the context in which they were said.
  • Note what is said and what you see.
  • Record your ideas as well as information
  • Organize information into a boxes and bullets structure
  • Use thought prompts: What is the big idea?
  • Ask yourself questions: What ideas are shared by many? Why are these actions valuable?
  • Free write about the topic and try to grow insights (ideas and thoughts)
    • Think: Are the insights applicable to all areas of activism OR to one particular case?

Then, you did the Teen Activist Free Write after making a copy of the expectations (found in the Informational Writing folder) and putting it into your Google Drive Informational Writing folder. (This will be checked by tomorrow morning.)

The second portion of our block consisted of discussing what we know about Elements of Science Fiction. We focused closely on the meaning of utopia (an ideal place or state; any visionary system of politics or social perfection) considering it will be a topic of discussion in our upcoming whole-class novel.


  • Finish Teen Activist Free Write
  • Fishbowl Group #3 and #4 (written explanation, character chart, and wiki review)
  • Root Word Presentation Prep

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