Wednesday, April 19th

Today in class, you had the opportunity to work as partners to read two new articles from the categories provided in the Session 1 folder.

We paused on our power-learning/note-taking to discuss the “next step” strategies. At first, we made a comparison to a short story about “the blind men and the elephant” to gain a better understanding to establish a broad conclusion when researching a big topic. We looked at Nadell’s Sample in the Session 2 folder as a model and looked to see how he drew his own conclusions based on his notes!

You added the following bolded items to your chart in the back half of your writer’s notebook and tried to apply this strategy above to a note-taking page of your own.

Power-Learning and Note-Taking

  • Write fast
  • Record information facts (exact names, places, and numbers)
  • Capture notes and, if possible, the context in which they were said.
  • Note what is said and what you see.
  • Record your ideas as well as information
  • Organize information into a boxes and bullets structure
  • Use thought prompts: What is the big idea? 
  • Ask yourself questions: What ideas are shared by many? Why are these actions valuable?


  • Finish remaining article and note-taking page
  • Fishbowl Group #2 (written explanation, character chart, and wiki review) before 8:00 am tomorrow
  • Root Word Presentation Prep

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