Tuesday, April 18th

Today in class, depending on your block, you read the two articles (Becoming an Activist and What is Community Service?) and did power note-taking in your writer’s notebook. We discussed the value in writing just the right amount of important information about these topics. This process started off as a whole-class and partners.

Then, you were encouraged to select one article to read from the newly opened Session 1 folders in Schoology. You are required to read one article for each of the bulleted items. Since we organized our writer’s notebooks, it allowed you to go in the order of your choice.

Today’s goal was to be sure you got through two more articles. If you did not complete these process, be sure you do so by class tomorrow. (This will be checked.) Remember, if you are absent, you are still held accountable for this because you never know when you may have a writer’s notebook check-in.


  • Read the second article from the bulleted list in Schoology/record notes
  • Fishbowl Group #2 (written explanation, character chart, and wiki)- Due Thursday
  • Fishbowl Group #3 and #4 (due dates are closer than they appear)
  • Root Word Presentations (finish final touches)

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