Monday, April 17th

Today in class, you had the opportunity to watch another video clip about the inspirational, Malala. This time, you watched an exclusive interview from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. You were not only encouraged to do power note-taking based on what you find to be valuable and new, but you were also encouraged to watch Jon Stewart’s reactions and listen for his “off script” comments. We can learn a lot about someone just through those situations.

You then spent a few minutes comparing your power notes with a classmate and seeing if you had any commonalities.

Please be sure to make a copy of the Session 1: Organizing your Power-Note Taking file from inside the Information Writing Session 1 folder. This should be put into your Google Drive Informational Writing folder, so it can be used as a reference later on. It would be wise to read over it and see how we came up with headings for the common topics in bullet points. Organizing our bulleted items is really helpful after compiling a large list.

If you were absent today, you can access this video clip inside the Informational Writing Session 1 folder as well. Record your bulleted notes on the back side of previous Malala notes page. This will be checked at a Writer’s Notebook Check-In.


  • Fishbowl Group #2 (written explanation, character chart, and wiki review) – Due Thursday morning
  • Fishbowl Group #3-4 (due dates are closer than they appear)
  • Root Word Presentations (any last minute touches)

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