Thursday, April 13th

Happy Dance

Today in class, we really did a little bit of EVERYTHING! Fishbowl Group #1 met for the first time in over a two months. It was nice to hear all about what you read. If you weren’t meeting with the Fishbowl group, you had some quality SSR time on this rainy day.

Afterwards, we did some major organization for our upcoming and final writing unit. If you were absent, please do the following.

  • Create a new folder in Google Drive (in ELA) called Informational Writing
  • Create a new subject in Notability called Informational Writing
  • See me or a classmate when you return on the best way to organize your writer’s notebook for an upcoming activity on Monday/Tuesday next week.

Then, we had our first two Root Word presentations. It was really fun to watch you all look at images to try to determine the root word and English meaning. Once these presentations completed, you were encouraged to update your pre-assessment notes page, so you had a great tool to review the assessment that will occur at the end of all the presentations. Remember, Mondays are check-in days if you are presenting later in the week. Feel free to email any completed templates and answer keys my way as soon as they are complete!


  • Fishbowl Group #2 (start written explanation, character chart, and wiki review)
  • Fishbowl Groups #3-4: Read! (Fishbowl due dates are sooner than they appear!)
  • Root Word Presentation prep

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