Tuesday, April 11th (ELA 3/4) or Wednesday, April 12th (ELA 6/7)

Today in class, we talked about the purpose of activism. You then had the opportunity to watch two different video clips connecting to two teen activists: Malala Yousafzai and Alex Lyn. You learned about Power-Learning and Note-Taking. Note-taking was modeled for you using the Malala video. You recorded the whole-class model to apply the same strategies after watching the Alex Lyn video. Both of these videos can be found in the new Informational Writing Session 1 Folder.

The following chart was started in the second half of your notebook where you keep all of your mini-lesson notes:

Power-Learning and Note-Taking

  • Write fast
  • Record information facts (exact names, places, and numbers)
  • Capture notes and, if possible, the context in which they were said.
  • Note what is said and what you see.
  • Record your ideas as well as information

If you were absent today, I would get this chart recorded into my notebook. I would also be sure I ask a classmate who attended class to share the modeled Malala video clip note-taking. Then, watch the Alex Lyn clip and try on your own! (All of the notes we take will serve a purpose).


  • Fishbowl Group #1 (written explanation, character chart, and wiki review)
  • Fishbowl Group #2-4 Read! (due dates are closer than they appear)
  • Root Word Presentations (divide and conquer remaining work)

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