Thursday, March 23rd

Today in class, you were introduced to the new ELA in the World Challenge on-going discussion post. This official begins during spring break. If you need any reminders on the requirements, check out the discussion post in your ELA Schoology course. Ultimately, any time you see something related to content, topics, etc. discussed in ELA, document the proof and explain. An example has been posted.

Simple rules:

  • Mrs. Macfadden will “like” your post if points are approved.
  • You can “like” someone’s post, but there is no need to comment on others.
  • Posts can be made during school ONLY IF you receive another teacher’s permission. If something is posted during another class and permission is not provided, points will not be rewarded.

Then, we officially began watching The Watsons Go to Birmingham. You were encouraged to watch for any differences between the text and the movie!


  • Read! (April Fishbowls are closer than they appear!)

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