Wednesday, March 22nd

Today in class, we spent a little more time practicing ELA test-taking strategies and tools for PARCC. The practice today focused on some non-fiction text and even a video clip.A After attempting some multiple choice questions, we had a general discussion about writing for the upcoming PARCC test: how long it might take to write a well-written response and those MUST-HAVES for a great literary analysis. I have a good feeling you’ll apply what we’ve been focusing on the last few months on the upcoming PARCC test after break.

Afterwards, you had the opportunity to peer edit with a friend of your choice. It was nice to see how productive many of you were during this process. Even if you come away with a few suggestions to apply, I would consider it a success. Some of you decided to hold off on submitting your final draft until tonight to make those last few individual revisions.

Don’t forget your published writing should contain:

  • a heading
  • 11 or 12 point Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri font
  • no color


  • Finish any individual revisions to your Bend Three: Comparing Texts for a Common Theme and SUBMIT
  • Read! (April Fishbowl due dates are closer than they appear!)

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