Monday, March 20th


Today in class, you worked on Day 1 of your revisions for your Comparing Texts Literary Analysis. While a hard copy of the packet was given out as an option, the digital version is also attached to the agenda. Your goal was to get through the content revisions on the first page. Revisions to the remaining portions of the packet will be focused on during Day 2 of revisions tomorrow.

During the second half of the block, you were introduced to some of the expectations for the Root Words presentation. You received your partner, root word (shhh… don’t reveal this), and the chance to start brainstorming a bit. Remember, the Root Word folder in Schoology has all the requirements for the two templates (answer key and blank chart) as well as the schedule for your Monday Check-In and Thursday presentation date.


  • Get through page 1 of the revisions packet
  • Read! (Your fishbowl due dates are closer than they appear!)

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