Wednesday, March 15th

Today in class, we did another writing intensive day. You took some of the strategies and tips you learned about comparing and contrasting writing various topics and learned specific suggestions for comparing two text, the next and FINAL writing assignment of the argumentative/literary analysis unit. You learned that this bend would be the quickest since you are using a lot of the strategies from a character analysis and theme-based writing assignment.

You then were told to recall your universal theme from the previous bend and think of another text, picture book, short story, or novel that had a COMMON theme. Ultimately, you are making a detailed text-to-text connection. After seeing some great mentor texts, one specifically comparing The Three Little Pigs to Raymond’s Run (as found in the Session 14 folder in Schoology), you learned the structure of your last writing assignment.  Don’t forget to consider all those solid introduction, body paragraph (filled with evidence to support the common theme), and a powerful conclusion strategies.

We added our final mini-lesson chart to our writer’s notebook.

How to Write a Compare-and-Contrast Literary Essay

  • Choose one text and think about its theme
  • Consider other texts that address a common theme
    • Addressed similarly?
    • Addressed differently?
  • Move between universal theme and specific examples in text
  • Make a plan on your organization of the essay. You can write about: all similarities then differences OR see-saw back and forth between similarities and differences
    • Find compelling evidence 
    • Write an introduction and conclusion
    • Use transition words to connect your ideas

Then, you were provided with plenty of time to work on your own flash draft. You added a new Google Doc in your already shared literary essay and called it…Comparing Texts with a Common Theme.

We’re in the final stretch… keep up that motivation!


  • Finish flash draft by Thursday night

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