Tuesday, March 14th


Happy Pi Day!

Today was a very busy day in ELA. We spent some time “building our muscles” to compare and contrast. Class consisted of reviewing ways to organize comparing and contrasting of different types of topics, discussing similarities between The Outsiders and the Watsons Go to Birmingham (WOW… so many!), and some tips to consider when writing about such comparisons. This Session 13- Building the Muscles to Compare and Contrast file (also found in the Session 13 folder) might be a helpful reminder.

You then had the opportunity to select one of the these topics to write about:

  • Panera vs. Corner Bakery
  • Homers vs. Dairy Queen
  • Gillson Beach vs. Centennial Park
  • Outsiders vs. WGTB

You applied your understanding of the “umbrella effect”to determine two main common ideas to focus on and develop those ideas with evidence. For instance, when comparing Central Park to Grand Central Station, the author focused on (1) appearance/the beauty and (2) activities to do at both locations.

Don’t forget to finish your flash drafts before the morning. This will give me the chance to see if we are ready to move on. We only have two more lessons before we close up on our argumentative/literary analysis writing!


  • Finish flash draft!

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