Monday, March 13th, 2017

Today in class, we adjusted to the Daylight Savings Time by relaxing as we read our SSR books and Chapter 14 of WGTB. Since this chapter often leads to a lot of questions, we spent time clarifying some of our confusion and made some connections to the Kenny’s previous experience in Chapter 13.

Our second portion of the block was spent reflecting on your Character Analysis Final Draft. You reviewed the rubric and feedback from Mrs. Macfadden and completed/submitted your thoughtful Bend One Character Analysis Reflection to the Bend One: Character Analysis assignment in Schoology. Then, you were encouraged to do the following:

  • See if you need to apply any areas for improvement to your theme-based analysis
  • See if you could apply any of those new goals to your theme-based analysis

Please be sure you do the following before you submit it to the assignment:

  • Include a proper heading
  • Remove the color-coding
  • Adjust your font to size 11 or 12 (Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman)
  • Put an * (asterisk) next to the intro or conclusion (whichever you want reviewed)

Submit it to the Theme-Based Analysis assignment in Schoology by tonight!


  • Make final revisions to Theme-Based Analysis
  • Star in front of intro or conclusion
  • Submit your final draft of Theme-Based Analysis
  • Read!

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