Thursday, March 9th, 2017

Today in class, you had the chance to do a fun lesson with Ms. Welch and myself. Without giving too much away, it related to vocabulary and word meanings. You learned that we will be doing more with this topic in the upcoming weeks in March and April.

The second half of our block was spent working on individual revisions to your theme-based analysis. It was suggested that you use the character analysis revision packet as a guide, especially with a focus on the use of transitional phrases, your sentence fluency, and maintaining a formal voice in third person. If you wanted to make any more changes than the time provided in class, it was suggested you look over it this evening!

Tomorrow, there will be a peer editing opportunity to make the last few revisions and edits to your theme-based analysis.


  • WGTB Chapter 13 Response to Reading (due by tomorrow morning)
  • Finish last individual revision to your Theme-Based Analysis

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