Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Today in class, we focused on our conclusion of our flash drafts. We began by adding to our chart in the mini-lesson section of our writer’s notebooks. All new information is in bold!

How to Write a Theme-Based Literary Essay:

  • Think about the character’s motivations, problems, and lesson learned (universal)
    • Create a claim!
  • Write an introduction (Think first impression)
    • Make a universal statement about life
    • Write a text-based claim
    • Start broad, narrow it down, and become specific
  • Write a conclusion that shows a connection (Think lasting impression about…)
    • The purpose and why the claim and evidence matter
    • Yourself and the life lesson you learned or realized
    • The author’s message
    • Leave the readers with something to think about

We didn’t have a student sample to look at, but you were encouraged to re-look at the teacher exemplar from Session 9 in Schoology or use some of the suggestions above.

We spent the second half of the block reading WGTB Chapter 12 and 13. You were assigned the written response for this chapter. Remember… quality now will pay off later!


  • Finish WGTB Chapter 13 Response to Reading and SUBMIT (by Friday morning)
  • Read!

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