Tuesday, March 7th

Today in class, we focused on our introduction of our flash drafts. We began by creating a chart in the mini-lesson section of our writer’s notebooks.

How to Write a Theme-Based Literary Essay:

  • Think about the character’s motivations, problems, and lesson learned (universal)
    • Create a claim!
  • Write an introduction
    • Make a universal statement about life
    • Write a text-based claim
    • Start broad, narrow it down, and become specific

Then, we looked at Frankie’s original and revised introduction in our Session 10 folder in the Literary Resources folder. We didn’t import this into Notability, but many of you decided it would be a great resource since he goes from broad (humans), narrowed it a bit (teens), and then became specific (the specific character’s experience/a lesson learned).

After making revisions to our introductions, each of you were encouraged to read the teacher feedback on your body paragraphs written thus far. If you received no comments, you can assume you are good to go.


  • Finish any revision to introduction or body paragraph
  • Read!

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