Thursday, March 2nd

Today in class, we dove into Session 8: Looking for Themes in the Trouble of a Text. We used our mentor text’s main character, Squeaky, as an example and created a three-column chart focusing on Squeaky’s motivations, problems, and the universal lesson to be learned (that would apply to all readers).

If you were absent today, be sure you get these notes from a friend and put it into the mini-lesson portion your notebook.

You then applied these steps to the character you used for your character analysis, especially considering you are experts on finding evidence to support this character’s actions. The true challenge was to develop that UNIVERSAL theme.

We ended class with reading Chapter 10 of the WGTB.


  • None; read!
  • Be sure you have all of your materials with you each day: pencil, writer’s notebook, and SSR book.

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