Tuesday, February 21st

Today in class, we spent time applying our mini-lesson strategies to the brainstorming process for our character analysis essay. Many of you were encouraged to revisit resources in the Literary Analysis folder (specifically Yuko’s example in Session 5 and the Character Is… chart in Session 6) in order to revise your claim to meet the following requirements:

  • Identification of one trait for your character (your claim)
  • Determine two GENERAL reasons to support that claim
  • Written in one sentence

You then worked on the thought processing portion that helps you develop the analysis of your paper. You ONLY created a bulleted list similarly to what we did in Session 3: Discovering What a Character Really Wants. In order to complete these requirements you completed the following steps.

  • Came up with a bulleted list of two items for highlighted evidence
  • You used sentence starters such as: maybe, on the other hand, perhaps, etc. and developed at least two bulleted items per piece of evidence

We ended the block with reading Chapter 6 of the WGTB. There was no WGTB Read to Respond today in order for you to be fully prepared to work on your character analysis outlining activity tomorrow.


  • Revisions to your Claim/Reasoning sentence
  • Thought process completed for evidence
  • Fishbowl Group #4: Written explanation and wiki review (Due Thursday evening)

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