Wednesday, February 15th

Today in class, we completed our sixth session of the literary analysis unit. This mini-lesson focused on annotating texts for great evidence–specifically, evidence that can support the claim through summarizing, storytelling, and quoting. As you know, we have done quite a bit of this already with Raymond’s Run.

You were encouraged to select a mentor text of your choice: Gift of the Magi, Your Move, Stray, or Thank You, Ma’am. If you selected Thank You, Ma’m, you were told that you would have to write a character analysis about a different character than you did on the flash draft from before. You started to annotate the text from scratch with common evidence to help you create a claim and find two general reasons to support it.

*The Literary Analysis Session 6 folder had a great PDF with six different formats to help you create your claim.

Afterwards, you had the opportunity to complete the Chapter 4 Read to Respond for WGTB. You were encouraged to use the text to help support the evidence in your response.


  • Chapter 4 Response to Reading for WGTB
  • Fishbowl Group #3: Written explanation and wiki review (Don’t forget changed section!)
  • Read!

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