Tuesday, February 14th

Today in class, we completed our fifth session of the literary analysis unit. This mini-lesson focused on conveying evidence–collecting compelling evidence that can support the claim through summarizing, storytelling, and quoting. We then used a new mentor text to see how a literary essay could be organized!

*Check out the Literary Analysis folder (Session 5) to see a mentor text, written by a student named, Yuko. We read over this example inside the Session 5 folder and color-coded the mentor text. If you were absent for this, attempt it on your own and check with me or a peer when you return.

The following information should be added to your already-created anchor charts in your writer’s notebooks.


  • Re-read selected bits.
  • Notice details, think, talk, write to explore: “Why this detail?”
  • Think, “What does the character REALLY want?”
    • Think about the deep down, internal motivations.
  • Try to generate an idea about the character that encompasses the WHOLE character and the WHOLE text.
  • Search for the most compelling evidence that can support the claim. Then, add it to your essay by:
    • Quoting some parts of the text
    • Story-tell other parts
    • Summarize yet other parts

We then used the remaining part of class to read Chapter 4 of the WGTB!


  • Chapter 4 Response to Reading for WGTB
  • Fishbowl Group #3: Written explanation and wiki review (Don’t forget changed section!)
  • Read!

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