Thursday, February 2nd

Today in class, you had the opportunity to preview some Life Magazine Images from the 1960s. When you participated in this Gallery Walk, you were encouraged to reflect on images that you saw in the designated discussion post. It was nice to hear your thoughts on the different images, advertisements, etc.

Then, we finally started our whole-class novel, Watsons Go to Birmingham-1963. You listened to this in the form of a read-aloud, but then you had the opportunity to go back to the text in order to complete your first WGTB Response to Reading. We discussed expectations for these responses that you will definitely want to keep in mind since there will be a variety of reflections like these.

All resources will be found in the Historical Fiction or Watsons Go to Birmingham folder in Schoology. Please remember to touch base with me if you miss out on reading for the day.


  • Fishbowl Group #1: written explanation and wiki review (Don’t forget the new changes); Due this evening!
  • Read!

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