Thursday, January 26th

Today in class, we completed Fishbowl “Thursday” (since we have a half day scheduled for tomorrow). You were also introduced to new section for February Fishbowls. If you need reminders of the expectations or missed class, check out the attached PDF in the Fishbowl Expectations folder–NEW! February Fishbowl Expectations (Conflict).

For a change of pace, you worked with a partner to complete a “Latest News” NEWSELA article “Read and Respond” discussion post. You didn’t submit anything today, but you practiced how you might respond. While you were able to work together, you were still required to submit your response to the discussion post.

It was really helpful to get your feedback on what I should assess in the future NEWSELA reflections. Great brainstorm!


  • Fishbowl Group #1: Written explanation and wiki review (Don’t forget changed section!)
  • Read

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