Wednesday, January 25th

Today in class, we dove into Bend 1 of the Literary Analysis unit. During Session 1, the mini-lesson began with an essay boot camp. Essentially, we discussed the importance of starting with a clear sense of structure before adding in the valuable content. As a whole-class, we used a common fairy tale– The Three Little Pigs. We determined a claim and developed a strong thesis statement related to the Third Little Pig. A organizational chart, The Boxes-and-Bullets Essay Structure, was shared as a helpful tool. We started to write the first body paragraph as a whole class, then the second body paragraph as partners, and finally the third body paragraph and conclusion on your own. Afterwards, you reflected and annotated on your own writing and possibly with a partner to see where you noticed strengths or areas for improvement.

All important resources can be found in the Schoology Literary Analysis folder in Session 1.

If you miss class, it is highly suggested that you touch base with a classmate to get any CLASS NOTES we have recorded. The independent practice (paragraph 3 and conclusion) should occur on your own.


  • Fishbowl Group #4: Written explanation and wiki review (Don’t forget changed section!)
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