Wednesday, January 11th (ELA 6/7)

Today in class, you were introduced to the Level 6 Character Traits. We discussed the meaning of many of these new adjectives and put them to use as we re-read Langston Hughes’s Thank You, Ma’am. While we have read these short stories before, you were reminded that sometimes mentor texts can be used for multiple purposes– in this case, characterization! We used this Character Traits Chart chart again to keep track of our textual evidence that support the chosen character trait. We will be using this chart later this week, so you definitely worked hard for good reason!

You had the opportunity to do some SSR and were asked to apply what you learned form this activity to the Character Traits discussion post in Schoology.


  • Character Traits Discussion Post (Due Thursday)
  • Fishbowl Group #2: Written explanation and wiki review (Don’t forget changed section!)
  • Your Six-Word Memoir (Due Friday)

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