Tuesday, December 13th

Today in class, you worked to add the final touches before officially publishing your personal narratives. You participated in a peer editing activity. Afterwards, you may have started to make those last revisions as well as added the following information to your draft.

Heading in top left corner including:

First name Last name
ELA Block (include the numbers here)
Personal Narrative Final Draft

A title centered underneath that (in the same size font)

All color-coded revisions stayed.

*You will receive 15 minutes more to do final revisions tomorrows before you submit it at the end of the first period of our block. Unfortunately, if you were absent, you will not be able to participate in the peer editing activity UNLESS someone is willing to review it for you during homeroom tomorrow.

We also took a trip to the LMC for a book talk and the opportunity to check out books before break. Remember, you need to read a variety of genres for Fishbowl. One genre can be repeated ONCE!


  • Read!
  • Fishbowl Group #1: Check out your next Fishbowl date!



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