Wednesday, December 7th

Today in class, some of you completed the Sentence Structure quiz re-take. If you decided not to re-take the quiz, you were given a little time for SSR.

Then, we practiced making revisions for sentence fluency using a writing sample. (You imported the Revisions for Sentence Construction and Variety from the Sentence Fluency folder in Schoology). After identifying some common errors as a whole-class, you were encouraged to make some revisions as partners.

Towards the conclusion of our class, you were encouraged to go back into our personal narrative and make note of the different sentence lengths. Did they vary?


  • Any unfinished “craft” and “structure” revisions (from Monday and Tuesday)
  • Fishbowl Group #4: written portion and wiki review
  • Fishbowl Group #1-3: Keep reading

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