Thursday, November 3rd

Today in class, you were introduced to a new reading signpost: Again and Again.

Again and Again moments are when authors repeat something – a word or an image or an event. This means something, and when we see those words or images or events again and again, we should stop and ask ourselves, Why does this happen again and again? The answer will generally tell us something about the character, the plot, or the theme.


We read Chapter 7 and 8 of The Outsiders to practice this strategy and recorded additional pieces of evidence from the text to support the common themes.

We also concluded/submitted final drafts for your Personal Narrative (Bend Two)!


  • Fishbowl Group #4: Written portion and wiki review
  • Fishbowl Group #1 and 4: Keep reading or start written portion/wiki review
  • Fishbowl Group #3: Find a great book in a different genre for your November Fishbowl!

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