Thursday, October 27th

Writer’s Workshop

Session 10: Re-Angling and Rewriting to Convey What a Story is REALLY About


Today’s work is about revising as re-envisioning & rewriting.  It is about searching for a deeper meaning in one’s story.  It is about using details in purposeful ways: not just plunking them in because we all know writers use details, but instead, making conscious choices about what to include and not to include to convey an intended message to readers.
Revising means rewriting, re-envisioning, not merely crossing out a line here and inserting a phrase there.
Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.12.37 AM.png


When writers can see a piece in a whole new way, they can write it in a whole new way!

Teaching Point: 

Today I want to teach you that when you let yourself be guided by the question ‘What is my story really about? You find yourself wanting to tell your story in a completely new way.  You can plan and rehearse your new draft in ways that will hint at the larger meaning, early on in the story, and develop that deeper meaning throughout the rest of the story.


Realizing what your story is really about will lead to ideas to add to your story–where you can tell the story differently.


Above the line of the mountain = External Story (Physical Events)

Below the line of the mountain = Internal Story (What is my story really about?)

Gracie’s External Internal Story

Active Engagement:

Imagine how your updates might look.  Imagine multiple possibilities by asking the question, “What is my story really about?”

  • Where might this new draft start?  Earlier? Later? Same place?
  • How will the events unfold? In sequential order? Out of order? With flashbacks? Flash-forwards?
  • Which parts will you choose to include this time?
  • Will you stretch out different moments than before?
  • Include new ones? Eliminate parts that no longer seem as relevant?

Remember to keep in mind what your story might really be about, and consider which external events can help show that meaning.


  • Create your own plot structure diagram (including the internal and external features modeled above)


  • SUBMIT diagram to Session 10: External Events/Internal Thoughts and Feelings “Mountain” Chart
  • Add updates from above in BLUE in your essay (by Monday)
  • Fishbowl Group #1 (written portion and wiki review)
  • Fishbowl Group #2-4: Keep reading

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