Thursday, October 20th

Today in class, you were introduced to the value of active reading and the Notice and Note reading signposts. These are particular features that help readers understand important aspects of a text: character development, conflict, or theme.

Contrasts and Contradictions occur when authors show us something that does not fit with what we expect. When they present us with a contrast or contradiction, we want to pause and ask ourselves, Why would the character act this way? 

  • Think to yourself: Is there a character acting in a way that is a contrast or contradiction with how he or she has been acting or how I would expect the character to act?
  • You may learn more about the character and sometimes more about the problem he or she faces. You may gain insight into a theme–the important life lesson the author is trying to share.


Then, we read the intense Chapter 4 of The Outsiders, our excellent mentor text, to practice this strategy as well as record additional pieces of evidence from the text to support the common themes.


  • Fishbowl Group #1 (written portion and wiki review)
    SUBMIT to Fishbowl assignment before HR begins
  • Fishbowl Group #2-4: Keep reading
  • Any Super Hero updates (Due tomorrow)



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