Wednesday, October 19th

Writer’s Workshop

Session 8: Flash Drafting


Today, you will venture outside of your notebooks, working inside Google Docs to create the first draft of your narrative.

Teaching Point:

Specifically, what I want to remind you of is that writers fill themselves up with the true thing that happened, recall how you decided how you wanted to start the story, and then, keeping your mind fixed intently on the mental movie of what happened. Let your typing fingers fly. When you do this, you will finish a whole draft (or close to a whole draft) in one sitting.


Flash drafting tips for today:

  • Aim to get a first draft down, regardless of whether it is your best writing or not
  • Relive the story in your mind’s eye before starting to write, remembering the best of your leads from the days before
  • Listen and watch as the story unfolds in your mind, try to remember the littlest of details
  • Work silently and intently, holding yourselves to the highest of standards


  • Fishbowl Group #1 (written portion and wiki review)
  • Fishbowl Group #2-4: Keep reading
  • Any Super Hero updates? (Due Friday)

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