Monday, October 10th

Writer’s Workshop

Session 6: Taking Stock (Pausing to Assess and Set Goals)



Think back to the first “Writing on Demand” Personal Narrative you did at the beginning of this writing unit.

How can you make your writing better?  By setting high goals for yourselves and then work like crazy to reach those goals.

Teaching Point:

Today, I want to teach you how helpful it is to pause at times and to reflect on the progress you’ve made as writers.

You can use a checklist to guide you as you look back on your writing and ask, “In what ways am I getting better?”  and “What is the next thing I can work on improving?”


Let’s take a look at this student personal narrative sample.

Look Up and Watch the Show

Let’s use this checklist to guide us as we look back on this writing.

Personal Narrative Checklist

Avoid just saying “yes” or “no” when using the checklist to assess a piece of writing.  Find specific places where you see the author doing that work and jot down what you see in the margin.

How To Make Use the Checklist to Make Goals

Active Engagement:

Go back to one of your Personal Narratives in your Writer’s Notebook. Using the checklist, review your writing. Do not be afraid to mark “Not Yet.” You may not have many “Yes” marks yet.

Review your checklist.

  • Look at the organized categories. Are there more “not yet” (s) marked in one category more than the other?
  • Are you close to a “yes” in one category that you can select that as a short term goal and another item as a “long term” goal


Turn to your mini-lesson notes. Let’s add one bullet point to our “How to Write Powerful Personal Narratives” chart.

  • Use the Narrative Writing Checklist to ask, “As a writer, what are my strengths? What are my needs?” Then, plan your next steps as a writer.”

Then, turn to the next fresh page and add a new title that says “My Personal Narrative Goals.”

Homework: (By Thursday, October 13th before HR)
Submit your completed work to “Personal Narrative Checklist and Goals” Schoology. All unfinished or incomplete assignment will need to be finished during homework assistance.

  • Evaluate a writing piece of your choice.
  • Annotate your notes to go with your rubric
  • Write goals based on those category ratings (minimum of 2)

Submit all of the following to the “Personal Narrative Checklist Goals” assignment on Schoology

  • Picture of your colored annotations on your original writing
  • Import copy of your completed checklist
  • Picture of your new narrative goals

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