Thursday, October 6th

Writer’s Workshop and the Outsiders

Session 5: Reading Closely to Learn From Other Authors


What do apprentices do?

Apprentices are always trying to imagine the process behind the finished product.

Mrs. Macfadden’s metaphor– a salad presentation and new techniques to try

Writers study other authors’ published writing in the same way–to learn new tricks of the trade!

Teaching Point:

Writer’s read other authors’ texts not only to experience the characters’ story, but also to admire, study, and emulate the quality of the writing.


Question of the day: What has this writer done to affect me so profoundly that I can try it in my own writing?

Let’s take a look back at Chapter 1 of S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders

Add to our new “Lessons from Mentor Narratives” Chart

  • Describe a scene or character’s feelings using alliteration
  • When characters talk, writers make them say the words and use the tone that show their personalities and hints at the bigger meaning of the moment
  • Writers explain why the characters act the way they do
  • Writers zoom in on the small but powerful details that really capture big moments and feelings (“Show… Don’t Tell”)

Active Engagement:

Continue to study today’s mentor text, S.E. Hinton’s Chapter 1. Did S.E. Hinton use any of the strategies from our Lessons from Mentor Narratives chart? What other strategies does she use to help you learn about the exposition (setting and characters)?

  • Turn and Talk
  • Share whole-class (be ready with what you found!)


Now… it’s your turn…

  • Please be sure you date your choice in your notebook.
  • Write a personal narrative (check out the topics in the Narrative Writing Schoology folder)– can be an old idea you already used that you update
  • Try to use at least two strategies from today!


  • Finish the following from class:
    • Write a new personal narrative (minimum of 1 1/2 pages)
    • Use TWO new writing strategy/technique from today. Be sure you underline it, so it stands out!
  • Super Hero Story Updates by Friday night
    • Highlight your 7 vocabulary words
    • Add detail/evidence to support your vocab
    • Minimum of 2 body paragraphs

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