Tuesday, October 4th

Today is a Wrap-Up-the-Creative-Project- type of day!

You will begin the start of class doing SSR to get back into the groove after a long weekend.

Use the remaining class time to work on your Super Hero Vocabulary assignment.

  • Use your planning guide to help form your well-written paragraphs about your Super Hero…or villain in Google Docs.
  • Once you have proofread it and given it your best effort, you will be submitting the planning guide and written paragraphs to the Super Hero Vocabulary Assignment on Schoology. Follow the directions there.

If you finish with time remaining in class, try to complete the Word Scramble Challenge!

  • You will get a hard copy of this from the sub. If you are absent and finish the assignment, you can find this scramble inside the September 29th folder. Import that into Notability.
  • For now, try to attack this task independently. Results will be shared at a later time!


  • Super Hero Vocabulary assignment and SUBMIT (planning guide and finished paragraphs)

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